Computing in Python IV: Objects and Algorithms

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Computing in Python IV: Objects and Algorithms

Course Description

Complete your introductory knowledge of computer science with this final course on objects and algorithms. Now that you've learned about complex control structures and data structures, learn to develop programs that more intuitively leverage your natural understanding of problems through object-oriented programming. Then, learn to analyze the complexity and efficiency of these programs through algorithms. In addition, certify your broader knowledge of Introduction to Computing with a comprehensive exam.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to write programs in Python that leverage your more natural understanding of data structures by creating objects to represent the structures you work with most often.

Course Content


  • Working with instances of complex data types or defining your own, like creating a class to represent a video game character, a class syllabus, or an item for sale


  • Creating complex code for searching in large lists or sorting lists of data and analyzing code for its complexity


  • A comprehensive review of the Xseries as a whole, leading into the final exam
Requirements & Materials


  • Certain problems may benefit from experience with algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and trigonometry, but you can succeed without these.


  • CS1301xIII or equivalent knowledge is required.



  • Internet connection (DSL, LAN, or cable connection desirable)

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for anyone interested in taking their first steps in computer science, from high school students to professionals. It is expected that you will have also mastered content from the previous course(s) in the sequence.

What You Will Learn

  • How to work with instances of objects in Python
  • Data structures using object-oriented programming
  • How to use objects with earlier control and data structures
  • Common search algorithms, like linear and binary search
  • Common sorting algorithms, like bubble sort, insertion sort, and merge

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand how code creates simple and complex computer programs.
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The course schedule was well-structured with a mix of lectures, class discussions, and hands-on exercises led by knowledgeable and engaging instructors.

- Abe Kani


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