Online Russian - Intermediate Russian I

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Online Russian - Intermediate Russian I

Course Description

The Intermediate Russian I course is a continuation of the Introduction to Russian courses. You will progress in the development of the four language skills — listening, speaking, reading and writing — within the context of Russian culture. This is a survey course of basic Russian grammar and vocabulary.

Course Content


  • Aspect and future tense
  • Aspect and past tense
  • Expressing requests
  • Genitive case in expressing age and height
  • Instrumental case in describing physical traits
  • Accusative case after носить
  • Expressing resemblance


  • First-person imperative
  • Prefix по- with motion verbs
  • Prefix до- with motion verbs
  • Prefix пере- with motion verbs
  • Prepositions in expressing directions
  • Spatial prepositions
  • Prepositions in time expressions
  • Conditional sentences
  • Expressing possession and absence
  • Indefinite particles


  • Genitive case in expressing aches
  • Expressing necessity
  • Permission and prohibition


  • Aspect and tense
  • Partitive genitive
  • Double negative
  • Prefix c- with motion verbs
  • Prefix при- with motion verbs
  • Third-person imperative


  • Prefix за- with motion verbs
  • Prefix про- with motion verbs
  • Prefix об- with motion verbs
  • Prefixes в- & вы-with motion verbs
  • Prefixes под- & от-with motion verbs
  • Short-form adjectives
  • Pronouns свой and себя
  • Approximating numbers
  • Subjunctive mood
  • Time expressions
  • Expressing purpose
  • Expressions with comparatives
  • Impersonal sentences
  • Second-person imperative
  • Dates
Requirements & Materials

Important Information

This course requires an approval prior to registration. Please follow the instructions.




  • Reliable email address that is checked regularly
  • Familiarity with online communication tools (discussion boards and chat rooms) associated with virtual classrooms

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for anyone interested in building on their foundation in basic Russian.

What You Will Learn

  • Written Russian characters
  • The four critical language skills
  • Spoken dialogue
  • Russian texts

How You Will Benefit

  • Begin, maintain, and end a conversation about yourself and those with whom you are speaking.
  • Participate effectively in an exchange.
  • Increase your knowledge of grammar topics.
  • Improve your Russian language writing skills.
  • Build your reading comprehension.
  • Enhance your ability to understand spoken Russian.
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    Taught by Experts in the Field
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An excellent experience in learning a second language because of methodology for academics and success. In addition, you gain knowledge about other cultures through personal sharing with other classmates.

- Sandra Naranjo Betancur


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