Advanced Safety Management

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Advanced Safety Management

Course Description

Developing an intentional safety culture requires much more than programs and regulatory compliance. In this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of human performance principles, brain centered hazards, safety leadership traits, and how to truly measure the effectiveness of your safety management system. The knowledge gained from this course will prepare you to take your construction or general industry organization's safety performance to the next level.

Course Content


-History and evolution of safety management principles.

-Current knowledge of modern safety management principles.

TOPIC - Human Performance Principles

-A deeper understanding of the brain at work and influences on behavior.

-Determining the difference between human error, system influence, and reckless behavior.

-How to avoid incidents through formal event learning teams. 

-Managing organizational and individual drift.

TOPIC - Creating an Intentional Safety Culture

-Influence of culture on individual behavior.

-Managing the emotional element of change initiatives.

-How to increase buy in through engagement.

-Building a team of Human Performance Champions.

TOPIC - Safety Management Systems

-The difference between safety programs and safety management systems.

-Review of ANSI Z10.

TOPIC - Safety Leadership

-Common leadership traits.

-Effective communication techniques.

-Real coaching to improve performance.

-Assessment and accountability of leadership traits.


-Focusing resources based on risk levels.

-Categorizing hazards based on frequency and severity of potential outcome.

TOPIC - Behavior Reinforcement

-How external circumstances influence thought, emotion and behavior.

-Achieving high levels of performance through encouragement and reinforcement.

Requirements & Materials

Important Information

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Session Details

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for corporate executives and safety professionals in both construction and general industry.

OSHA professionals working on jobsite

What You Will Learn

  • The evolution of safety management principles
  • A deep understanding of human error and system influences on behavior.
  • Safety leadership traits.
  • How to structure and conduct event learning teams to move beyond root cause analysis.
  • ANSI/ASSP Z10 Occupational Safety & Health Management Systems.
  • How to create, maintain and measure an intentional safety culture.
  • Effective coaching techniques to enhance performance.
Occupational safety and health professionals collaborating on job site

How You Will Benefit

  • Identify and utilize the most current safety management principles that drive high performance safety cultures.


  • Determine the difference between human error, system influence, and sabotage in incident analysis.


  • How to implement system defenses to minimize human error.


  • How to increase buy-in and engagement at all levels of the organization.



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The solid OSHA curriculum, fueled with hands-on training, and a strong professional network builds you for a successful safety career.

- Rodrigues "Rocky" Smith
Safety Manager


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