Special Topics in Occupational Health/Industrial Hygiene Seminar

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Special Topics in Occupational Health/Industrial Hygiene Seminar

Course Description

In this seminar, you will be provided with the latest updates on important OSHA occupational health related topics. Keep up-to-date on changes regarding crystalline silica, metals and other hazardous chemicals, noise exposures, heat illness prevention, and influenza. Although the topics vary, this seminar always provides resources and useful new tools available to enhance your environmental health and safety program and engage employees on health hazard prevention!

Course Content


  • Updates on new or proposed OSHA standards
  • Discussion on history, health effects, and other relevant information pertaining to the update topics


  • OSHA’s hierarchy of control methodology for health hazards
  • Control techniques for prevention of exposure


  • Methodology for exposure monitoring or assessment as relevant to industrial hygiene update topics
  • Review of existing data on exposure evaluations completed on pertinent industrial hygiene update topics
Requirements & Materials

Important Information

Seminars are offered in partnership with The Georgia Tech OSHA Training Institute Education Center and frequently offered for free. For additional details and scheduling options, visit oshainfo.gatech.edu or contact Sarah Cooper directly (sarah.cooper@gtri.gatech.edu or 404-407-7431).

Session Details

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for industrial hygiene professionals, certified safety professionals, environmental health managers, human resources, and safety and health consultants.

OSHA professionals working on jobsite

What You Will Learn

  • Updates on new or proposed OSHA health standards
  • The health effects of exposure to various chemicals, including hexavalent chromium, lead, silica, and isocyanates
  • OSHA’s intervention and control strategies for health hazards
  • Control methods for specific industries
  • Personal protective equipment, including respiratory protection
  • Sampling strategies for exposure assessment
Occupational safety and health professionals collaborating on job site

How You Will Benefit

  • Reduce exposures in the workplace.
  • Comply with OSHA health-related standards.
  • Learn about exposures and assessment techniques.
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    Taught by Experts in the Field
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The solid OSHA curriculum, fueled with hands-on training, and a strong professional network builds you for a successful safety career.

- Rodrigues "Rocky" Smith
Safety Manager


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