ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor Training

Course Description

Learn how to approach ISO 9001:2008 registration from the professional lead auditor's point of view and focus on key audit skills that enhance auditing capability. This intensive workshop covers key aspects of leading an audit team for your firm, another firm, or vendors/suppliers.

Georgia Tech - EI2 is an Exemplar Global Certified TPECS Provider for the AU, QM and TL Competency Units.


CRN Start date End date Format Location Cost
15502 Jul 13, 2015 Jul 17, 2015 Classroom Atlanta, GA $1,595
15550 Sep 14, 2015 Sep 18, 2015 Classroom Atlanta, GA $1,595
15552 Nov 2, 2015 Nov 6, 2015 Classroom Atlanta, GA $1,595
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CRN Start date End date Format Location Cost
14105 Jul 14, 2014 Jul 18, 2014 Classroom Atlanta, GA $1,595
14106 Sep 15, 2014 Sep 19, 2014 Classroom Atlanta, GA $1,595
14104 Nov 3, 2014 Nov 7, 2014 Classroom Atlanta, GA $1,595
15442 Mar 2, 2015 Mar 6, 2015 Classroom Atlanta, GA $1,595
15459 May 11, 2015 May 15, 2015 Classroom Atlanta, GA $1,595

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Who Should Attend

Quality management system auditors, management reps and quality managers undergoing a third-party audit, individuals pursuing Exemplar Global QMS auditor certification

How You Will Benefit

  • Apply ISO 9001:2008 to a set of situations.
  • Find information about Exemplar Global.
  • Identify objective evidence.
  • Identify and document nonconformities.
  • Develop an audit plan and checklist.
  • Review an agenda for an opening meeting.
  • Use interviewing skills and take notes.
  • Evaluate objective evidence for conformance.
  • Identify which requirement of ISO 9001:2008 applies to a given set of findings.
  • Use closing meeting techniques.
  • Present audit findings clearly and objectively.
  • Prepare an audit report.
  • Monitor corrective action.


  • Evaluate a quality system for conformance
  • Learn audit methods and techniques
  • Report findings and follow up the audit
  • Conduct opening and closing meetings
  • Record and report nonconformities
  • Examine quality system documentation
  • Complete practical and written exams



  • Attendees with international addresses must purchase a copy of the ISO 9001:2008 standard and bring it to class. By contractual agreement, the standard cannot be shipped outside the US.


  • Attendees with US addresses will receive a copy of the ISO 9001:2008 standard via US mail and must bring it to class.

For Course-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: Tim Israel

Technology Requirements

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