Process Safety Management - Executive Level Overview

Course Description

Many employers who are required to comply with OSHA’s 1910.119 Process Safety Management standard have received basic training in OSHA’s Process Safety Management Standard. However, many times, executives, engineers and legal counsel do not fully understand scope, schedule and budget for managing an effective process safety program. This course will provide an in basic understanding of the executive’s responsibilities in managing a process safety program. The course reviews all 14 key elements of an effective PSM program. Integration of these elements with existing and sometimes overlapping current company policies are also discussed. Process Safety Principles of Conduct of Operations and License to Operate is discussed.

Course ID: EST 7131P
Course Format: Classroom

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How You Will Benefit

  • Learn Why Process Safety – It’s not just the Regulatory Requirement
  • Learn The Basics of OSHA 1910.119 Process Safety Management
  • Learn the Importance of Team Function and Core Competencies Required for a PSM Team
  • Learn the Keys to Plan, Execute and Most Importantly, Implement an Effective Process Safety Program
  • Learn The Typical Issues that Arise in Ongoing Management of a PSM Program
  • Learn How to Determine Scope, Schedule and Budgeting for Managing an Ongoing PSM Program
  • Learn PSM Key Performance Indicators & Measurement of Implementation and Progress
  • Learn Budgeting and Planning for Long Range Process Safety Management
  • Learn The Executive Principles of Conduct of Operations and License to Operate


  • Course Intro & Case Study Introduction
  • Why Process Safety?
  • The Basic of Process Safety
  • The 14 Elements
  • The PSM Team
  • How to Plan, Execute and Implement PSM
  • Scope, Schedule & Budget and Issues in Implementation
  • PSM Key Performance Indicators
  • Budgeting and Long Range Planning for PSM
  • Conduct of Operations & License to Operate
  • Case Study & Presentations



  • Class Notebook with copies of PowerPoint presentations
  • Appendix – General Resource and Research Information
  • Appendix – Case Study Documentation
  • CD of PowerPoint presentations & Appendix Information