Supply Chain Fundamentals: Supply Management and Procurement (Online)

Course Description

This course prepares students in the basics of supply management and procurement operations and the role of procurement within an organization’s overall supply chain. The course includes presentations of the key elements of sourcing and procurement including: strategic sourcing, supplier management, negotiations, contract development, supplier identification and evaluation, and the importance of cross-functional collaboration.

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Who Should Attend

  • Sourcing Analysts, Supervisors, Managers, Clerks, Representatives, Agents, Leads, and Specialists
  • Procurement Analysts, Supervisors, Managers, Agents, Clerks, Leads, Representatives, and Specialists
  • Contract Development Specialists, Agents, Clerks, Leads, Representatives, and Supervisors
  • Buyers, Senior Buyers
  • Buyer/Planners
  • Purchasing Analysts, Representatives, Supervisors, Managers, Agents, Clerks, Leads, and Specialists
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Managers, Analysts, Consultants, Supervisors, Technologists, Planners and Engineers
  • Business and Systems Analysts
  • Supply Chain Education and Human Resource Management personnel
  • Inventory Planners
  • Order Management Supervisors, Managers, Analysts
  • Demand Planners, Supply Planners, Forecast Analysts, Forecasting Managers
  • Inventory Managers, Inventory Clerks, Inventory Analysts
  • Transportation Planners, Transportation Clerks, Transportation Analysts, Transportation Managers

How You Will Benefit

  • Define procurement and its purpose
  • Describe the key steps carried out in managing the procurement process
  • Describe the commodity strategy development process and the key steps in this process
  • Understand the key supplier evaluation practices
  • Appreciate the need for identifying and evaluating global suppliers
  • Appreciate the important role that power, tactics, and concessions play in negotiations
  • Gain a basic understanding of procurement contracting and good practices in contracting
  • Describe the key forms of documentation used in procurement
  • Recognize the characteristics of effective supplier scorecard systems
  • Discuss the key roles or positions in procurement organizations
  • Describe the key roles and metrics within procurement
  • Gain a basic understanding of commercial law, particularly agency law and contract law
  • Understand the difference between law and ethics
  • Understand corporate social responsibility


  • Learning Block 1 – Supply Management and Procurement Overview
  • Learning Block 2 – Strategic Sourcing
  • Learning Block 3 – Supplier Identification and Evaluation
  • Learning Block 4 – Supplier Negotiation and Contracting
  • Learning Block 5 - Procurement Execution
  • Learning Block 6 – Supplier Management
  • Learning Block 7 – Procurement Organizations and Roles
  • Learning Block 8 – Application of Laws and Ethics in Procurement



  • Computer with speakers to access online content


  • Access to online course content and optional reading materials until the course end date

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