Request Learning and Development

Need learning specifically designed for your team or department? Looking for a panelist at an upcoming discussion? Bringing together key decision-makers on campus and need a facilitator? Workplace Learning & Professional Development offers custom learning and development resources tailored to meet the needs of your team while offering an unbiased perspective for navigating specific work-related challenges.

Would you like to conduct a mandatory training? 
All requests for mandatory training must be reviewed and be in compliance with the USG General Criteria for Employment Policy.  To request an HR representative to review mandatory training content for individuals or groups within your department/unit/school to ensure HR policy compliance, please complete this form.  Further direction and guidance will be provided by GTHR upon receipt.

Learning and Delivery

For larger campus units or teams, it can be beneficial to bring in a learning professional to deliver customized development to your entire group. This can include:

  • Intact team training
  • Customized learning
  • Online learning
  • Learning plans
Learning professional leading custom training for a team

Meeting Facilitation

Bringing in a outside facilitator for team meetings, team retreats, or strategic planning sessions can allow team members to fully participate in the meeting and is particularly useful during complex discussions. Our role can include:

  • Sharing constructive feedback
  • Acting as a resource
  • Keeping the group on track
Learning professional facilitating a planning session for a team

Want to partner with us for your custom training and learning needs?