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Grow, develop, and invest in yourself through our development programs

From developing a leadership mindset to building professional partnerships and creating a successful onboarding experience, our signature programs are designed to foster an environment of collaboration and innovation. Built on the foundation of Georgia Tech’s values, these programs offer an opportunity for a more personalized, in-depth discovery of both your professional and personal career at Georgia Tech.


Using the foundations of a leadership mindset and the Competing Values Framework of organizations, ASPIRE challenges aspiring leaders to cultivate a leadership mindset and learn to lead from where they are.

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Strategically designed to foster the professional development and career growth of Georgia Tech employees, MentorTech seeks to build diverse networks across the Institute — no matter your age or skill level.

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Featuring a series of four learning experiences, the New Employee Experience (NEE) is a six-month program designed accelerate your productivity as a new hire and make your first days — and months — of employment impactful, informative, and fun.

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Designed as small, organized groups of people leaders, Professional Development Circles draw together faculty and staff from all levels of the Institute for collaborative problem solving, encouragement, connection building, and leadership fluency.

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“The program not only challenges your way of thinking but arms you with the tools to develop a growth mindset in understanding that there are different approaches one can use to solve a problem.”
Olabisi Abikoye  - ASPIRE
Olabisi Abikoye ASPIRE
“I’ve been in facility management for quite a while and wanted to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained. As a mentor, I wanted to be a resource as best as I could.”
David Tate - MentorTech
David Tate MentorTech
“Onboarding is a key component for a seamless transition as a new employee, whether it's their first job or they’ve been in the workforce for 10 years.”
Season Lewis - NEE
Season Lewis NEE
“I valued the close nature of my professional development circle groups because it helped to form a close trust and be very vulnerable.”
Melanie DeMaeyer - Professional Circles
Melanie DeMaeyer Professional Circles

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