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We believe that there is a magical space between an incident and our reaction to that occurrence. We call that space — that time in between — our Interruption.

Join Workplace Learning & Professional Development, Georgia Tech's dedicated team for faculty and staff development, as they routinely grapple with the big questions that we all think about but too often hesitate to ask.

With the help of colleagues across campus, we explore new ways to break free of fixed mindsets, the appropriate tools to engage positively during an interruption, and how to yield positive results that foster new kinds of professional growth.

The opinion-based podcast can be streamed on Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts.

Season 2

Female professional presenting on values to her colleague
Living Our Values Every Day
Episode #1

The team digs into how having our organizational values and the behaviors associated with them helps ground the work that they do in advancing Georgia Tech’s mission.

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Coworkers collaborating together in office
We Celebrate Collaboration
Episode #2

The team discusses the important outcomes of a collaborative workplace and why it's the perfect vehicle for creative thinking and idea generation.

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Female colleagues collaborating with a tablet
We Safeguard Freedom of Inquiry and Expression
Episode #3

The team discusses what it takes to protect the freedom of all our community members while asking questions, seeking truth, and expressing their views.

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Higher ed students smiling while collaborating on project
Students Are Our Top Priorty
Episode #4

The team discusses how we are committed to developing leaders and measuring our success by our students' achievements.

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Season 1

Female professional having candid conversations with team members
Radical Candor
Episode #1

The team discusses the value of radical candor and its potential implications in an increasingly diverse corporate landscape.

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Female professionals having a one-on-one meeting
Winning One-on-Ones
Episode #2

The team explores the importance of managerial one-on-ones and share some tips for making the most of this precious face-time.

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A group of diverse coworkers sit around couches in office to meet
Diversity and Inclusion
Episode #3

The team discusses bringing our authentic selves to work, picking the right pronouns, and being a good ally.

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Female professional with uncertain face stares at laptop
Imposter Syndrome
Episode #4

The team discusses the imposter syndrome and its impact on modern professionals.

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Female professional stares at laptop screen trying to find motivation
Seasoned Employees: How to Keep Yourself Motivated?
Episode #5

The team discusses ways to boost motivation for seasoned Georgia Tech employees dealing with the daily grind.

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Female professional blocking off focus time on work calendar
The Power of Habit
Episode #6

The team discusses the power of habit.

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Male professional working on laptop while looking to the side in thought
The Four Ethical Corners
Episode #7

The team discusses blind spots, difficult decisions, and the power of the Four Ethical Corners.

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Mentor and Mentee discussing mentorship goals
The Mentor Relationship
Episode #8

The team discusses lessons from Georgia Tech's mentoring program with two special guests, fresh off their own successful mentoring experience.

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Male and female working having an intense conversation at work
What's My Face Telling You?
Episode #9

The team discusses the challenges of a resting facial expression that can send the wrong message, and the sometimes complicated interplay of adapting to the expectations of others versus being true to yourself.

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Group of female coworkers smiling and laughing outside office building
Radical Acceptance
Episode #10

The team discusses the practice of radical acceptance and how to say yes to life, just as it is right now.

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Coworkers welcoming a new employee to the team
Episode #11

The team explores the new employee onboarding process, including learning their job, work expectations, navigating the workplace, understanding the organization’s culture, and connecting with colleagues.

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Professionals from different units meeting together for conversation
Building Community Through Professional Development Circles
Episode #12

The team emphasizes the importance of having a "connectional" community and its ability to help navigate professional experiences more seamlessly.

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