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We define people leaders as members of our community who have direct reports and achieve their goals through the efforts of others. Great people leaders move us and inspire us to do our best work. Whether you've recently joined Georgia Tech as a people leader, were promoted as a new people leader, or have been around for a while and want to assess your skills as a people leader, we have resources to help you build skills in this area.

Newly Hired People Leaders

Are you new to our campus community and have direct reports? As a part of the new employee experience, newly hired people leaders are provided with additional resources and invited to attend learning sessions to aid them in successfully navigating their first six months. These resources are designed to equip newly hired leaders with establishing a foundational mindset and provide skillsets for leading others.

Download the Newly Hired People Leaders Checklist
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Newly Promoted People Leaders

Were you recently promoted and now you have direct reports? Making a leadership transition, especially as a newly promoted people leader, can often be a difficult challenge. As such, we've put together a checklist to help you onboard you throughout your first 90 days of your new promotion. These resources and learning sessions will not only help you orient yourself as a new people leader, but also ensure long-term success within your role.

Download the Newly Promoted People Leaders Checklist
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People Leaders of Student Employees

Do you manage student employees? In order to orient and guide you, we've put together a checklist of resources to help you effectively manage and develop student employees. These resources contain best campus practices to overcome any challenges to helping our student employees learn and grow and equip people leaders of student employees with a skillset for success.

Download the People Leaders of Student Employees Checklist
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People Leader Development

Are you a community member who has been on our campus leading people for a while? Our Values-Based Assement tool provides you with a personalized learning roadmap as a people leader that will identify your personal strengths and growth opportunities as it relates to Georgia Tech's values. Upon completion of the assessment, you will immediately receive a personalized learning roadmap containing different modes of learning recommendations to suit your learning style.

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Individual Contributors

Do you one day ASPIRE to be a people leader? We offer a learning experience to develop and cultivate a leadership mindset within individual contributors, creating the conditions for aspiring leaders to emerge with an increased awareness of themselves professionally and an understanding of how they can lead from their current role.

Additional Resources for People Leaders

  • Managing Transitions
  • Managing Talent
  • Remote Onboarding
  • HR Topics for People Leaders
  • Guidance Documents
Remote Onboarding

Due to social distancing requirements, we have been exploring creative ways to limit in-person contact and exposure for human resources staff and new employees. We have described step-by-step options you may want to consider as you onboard your new employees.

HR Topics for People Leaders

Elevate your people manager expertise through monthly in-depth updates from Georgia Tech Human Resources. View past presentations.


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