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The foundation of a people leader's strengths and talents should center around a common set of values — and so should leadership development. At Workplace Learning & Professional Development (WLPD), we want to help you discover and maximize your talents to achieve success, improve leadership skills, empower yourself and others, and make powerful, positive contributions that can drive successful outcomes.

As we all strive to live our values every day, our People Leader Assessment Tool provides you with a personalized learning roadmap to identify your personal strengths and growth opportunities as it relates to Georgia Tech's values. You will receive your personalized Learning Roadmap immediately upon completion of assessment and WLPD will assist with growing your people management competencies and skills as part of a year-long professional development plan.

Assess Yourself, Get Report

Take the people manager values-based assessment online to identify your personal strengths and growth opportunities as they relate to the Georgia Tech's values.


Upon completion of the assessment, you will immediately receive a personalized learning roadmap containing different modes of learning recommendations to suit your learning style.

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Lead and Live Our Values

As part of a year-long professional development plan, you'll discover how to bring the Institute's values to life in tangible ways through self-reflection, self-confidence, and positive influence.

By the end of the learning roadmap, you'll have a framework of skills and competencies tightly mapped to the Institute's values, allowing you maximize your own and your team's performance.

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