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Final Project: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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Final Project: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Course Description

The Green Belt final project is a multifaceted assignment that is a long-term investigative endeavor which culminates in a final presentation to the instructor. It serves to give students the ability to take knowledge and theory they have learned in class and apply in a real-world setting. A proposal will first be submitted to the instructor for approval. This proposal will include a Business Case and a Problem and Goal statement plus any other issues relevant to the project.

The final project can include case studies, program evaluations, outcomes-based evaluations, surveys, or focus groups. The end product will be something that can be implemented and used. Students need to present solutions that will show before and after improvements on a mathematical metric. Examples are:

  • The time it takes to complete X takes too long – fix cycle time in days
  • We have too many errors in process X – reduce # or % of errors
  • It takes too long to make something – reduce time to make, complete, pack, ship, etc.
  • We have too much absenteeism – reduce the amount of employees leaving
  • It takes too long to hire someone – reduce time to hire in days
  • Cost of goods sold is too high – reduce cost of goods sold
  • Profit is too low – increase profit
  • Customer complaints are too high – reduce customer complaints
Requirements & Materials

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