Inclusive Excellence through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging-Capstone

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Inclusive Excellence through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging-Capstone

Course Description

During this capstone course, students will implement a project or launch an initiative to advance inclusive excellence within their companies. Students will leverage the collective expertise of their cohort and the professor along with their own lived experience to accomplish the following goals: (1) scope a meaningful, high impact project; (2) create a timely, step-by-step action plan for the project; (3) identify key stakeholders, influencers, gatekeepers, and potential threats for the project’s success; (4) implement the project; and (5) devise a sustainability plan for their efforts. Students will receive several career coaching sessions, during which students will realize multiple benefits. 

Course Content

List of Topics (Estimated Completion Time)

  • Project scoping (5 hours)
  • Identifying and engaging key stakeholders, influencers, and gatekeepers (5 hours)
  • Identify and overcoming potential barriers, threats, and antagonists (5 hours)
  • Capstone project implementation (7 hours)
  • Sustainability planning and implementation (5 hours)
Requirements & Materials


ELEC 4000P (taken as a co-requisite with this capstone course) 



  • None


  • Workbook

Who Should Attend

This capstone course is designed for any professional who has a sincere desire to lower barriers to inclusive excellence within their workplace. Professionals at any stage of their career, with any background, and within any business unit will benefit from this course. Students must complete this capstone course in conjunction with ELEC 4000P in order to earn the certificate. 

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What You Will Learn

  • Guidance on how to scope a meaningful project that is doable within the timeline of a single quarter 
  • Knowledge regarding identifying key stakeholders, influencers, and gatekeepers who can help implement career-advancing initiatives 
  • Information on identification of potential threats, objections, and antagonists who can derail career- advancing initiatives along with tools to overcome them 
  • Guidance on how to implement high-impact initiative within political landscape of your company, regardless of your position. 
Group of individuals in business setting in front of a board and reviewing sticky notes or a process map.

How You Will Benefit

  • Leverage several career coaching sessions to help implement the project and advance your career. 
  • Develop a pathway to use the capstone project for career advancement. 
  • Identify personal and/or professional career barriers for career growth and development. 
  • Develop tools to eliminate or overcome those career barriers. 
  • Craft a career development plan for the short- and mid-term horizon.    
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    Taught by Experts in the Field

The course schedule was well-structured with a mix of lectures, class discussions, and hands-on exercises led by knowledgeable and engaging instructors.

- Abe Kani


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