ISO 14001 Overview

  • Overview
  • Course Content
  • Requirements & Materials

ISO 14001 Overview

Course Description

This online course It is designed to provide an understanding of ISO 14001:2015 requirements, the standard certification process, how to work within your certification body, and success factors for implementation. It typically takes eight hours to complete and can be done at your own pace over multiple sessions or as one session depending on your needs.

Course Content


  • How to understand the organization
  • The needs and expectations of interested parties
  • The scope of the EMS
  • Commitment and responsibility from top management
  • Knowledge Checks (KC) 


  • How to address risk and opportunities
  • Environmental aspects and impacts
  • Compliance obligations
  • Environmental objectives
  • Knowledge Checks (KC) 


  • Resources
  • Competence, awareness, and communication
  • Operational control
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Knowledge Checks (KC) 


  • Monitoring, measurement, and analysis
  • Internal audit
  • Management review
  • Nonconformity and corrective action
  • Continual improvement
  • Knowledge Checks (KC) 


  • Key factors for success
  • The certification process
  • How to work with a certification body
  • Knowledge Checks (KC) 
Requirements & Materials


  • Learners must obtain a copy of the standard ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems– Requirements with Guidance For Use to be used during the course. The standard may be purchased through the American National Standards Inst. (ANSI) ( and/or American Society for Quality (ASQ) ( 

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for team members new to the ISO 14001 emergency medical services (EMS), team, new internal auditors, or organizations who are interested in starting to implement ISO 14001 or those wanting to improve their organizational environmental management. Those who need to understand ISO 14001, potential auditors, those implementing or working with the EMS, and environmental health and safety professionals will also benefit.

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What You Will Learn

  • How to interpret the meaning of context of the organization
  • How to differentiate leadership responsibilities that can and cannot be delegated
  • The application of the environmental policy requirements
  • Roles and responsibilities of the organization for environmental performance
  • How to distinguish risks and opportunities
  • How to rate objectives with action plans
  • Competency requirements application
  • Current mechanisms for communication and awareness
  • How to connect current operational controls to the EMS and environmental performance
  • The use of key performance indicators with environmental performance
  • The certification process and working with your certification body
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How You Will Benefit

  • Learn to apply ISO 14001 with an aim to enhance environmental performance.
  • Find opportunities for improvement and positive practices.
  • Increase bottom line for your business.
  • Understand how the management system connects to your business practices.
  • Improve information from the management system for use in management decisions.
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The course schedule was well-structured with a mix of lectures, class discussions, and hands-on exercises led by knowledgeable and engaging instructors.

- Abe Kani


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