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Project Management Certificate

  • Overview
  • Program Requirements
  • Why Choose a Certificate?

Project Management Certificate

Be sure to review program requirements for this certificate

The Project Management Certificate gives you the essential project management skills you need to progress in your career and become a better manager. Designed for a wide range of professionals and skill levels, this course will prepare you to tackle simple and complex projects from start to finish, on time, and within budget. It also fulfills the project management education hours required to qualify for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Exam.

The courses in this project management certificate program teach proven strategies and practical, hands-on tools to drive successful project outcomes. The concepts, tools, and language of project management in this program can be applied to any size or type of project.

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Certificate Requirements
  • Certificates must be completed within 6 years; courses completed more than 6 years ago may not be applied toward certificate.
  • This certificate does not require an application.
How it works

Your path to achievement is easy! Most certificate courses are offered in classroom locations around the U.S. You can also inquire about training at your location.


  • Course load determines the cost of a certificate program.
  • Calculate your total by identifying the courses needed and tallying individual course fees. Some courses offer discounts for course bundling.


  • Select a certificate program, review the requirements, and determine your timeline for completion.
  • Add courses to your shopping cart for purchase as you are ready to take them, or as a group if desired.
  • Proceed to checkout to complete your registration. We accept multiple forms of payment including a third-party credit cardholder, purchase order, a private loan, and VA benefits for certain programs.


  • Certificates must be completed within six years.
  • After successful completion of most individual courses, a Certificate of Course Completion will be sent.
  • After successful completion of all required courses, request a transcript and program certificate audit.

Upon verification, GTPE will email your transcript and mail your Certificate of Program Completion. Some programs host a certificate award ceremony during the final course.

Once you earn your Georgia Tech Program Certificate, tout your success on your resume and LinkedIn profile, share with your employer, and celebrate an important career growth achievement!

Why Choose a Certificate?

Why Choose a Certificate?

Professional Certificates are ideal for developing new skills and building deep expertise in a specialized area to update your professional profile, advance your career, or broaden your knowledge base.

Certificates are an “anytime” credential
Start anytime - after graduation or later in your career - and gain deeper know-how in a specific area without the commitment to a degree.

Certificates demonstrate commitment
The dedication of time to earn a certificate demonstrates that you are committed to achieving a higher standard of professional knowledge in your industry.

Certificates provide immediate “ROE”
Georgia Tech learners master real-world skills and apply them to their career the day after completion.

Certificates stand out on your resume
A Georgia Tech credential carries the professional weight to give you a competitive edge.


Who Should Attend

This certificate is designed for project managers, professionals preparing to transition into a new career in project management, business analysts working with project managers and project teams, technical team leaders, and managers.

Project management learner on laptop conference

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the difference between management versus leadership.
  • Lead at an organizational level that ties back to delivery of the project strategic benefits.
  • Identify the process knowledge areas of a project that must be managed.
  • Recognize real-world constraints and the dynamics in a project environment.
  • Anticipate and manage the major constraints of a project.
  • Gain relationship management techniques including conflict resolution and emotional intelligence (EQ).
  • Take EQ assessment and begin to develop self-awareness for improved leadership.
  • Develop both project team members and mentor key internal stakeholders.
  • Learn cross-functional collaboration strategies.
  • Grow Your Professional Network
  • Taught by Experts in the Field

Course Offerings


If you participated in the Project Management Certificate program prior to October 2020 and would like to continue, please send an email to Robin Finey at to determine remaining requirements for certificate completion.

Please Note: COMP 7300P must be taken first.

PMP: Strategic Project Management (COMP 7300P)

The Strategic Project Management course provides the foundational understanding of project management according to the standard Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) published by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Emerging leaders will gain a practical framework of Project Manageme...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
  • FEB 27, 2023 - FEB 28, 2023
    Register by FEB 23, 2023
    Atlanta, GA
PMP: Technical Project Management (COMP 7310P)

The Technical Project Management course provides understanding of the various processes involved to manage projects effectively. This course will enhance the ability to manage project baselines: scope, schedule, and budget, also known as the Triple Constraints concept.

Project Manage...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
  • MAR 1, 2023 - MAR 3, 2023
    Register by FEB 24, 2023
Leadership in Project Management (COMP 7320P)

The Leadership in Project Management course provides deeper understanding of what being a project leader is all about. This course will enhance project team leadership skills and enable robust stakeholder collaboration strategies. Relationship management techniques include but are not limited ...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
  • MAR 6, 2023 - MAR 8, 2023
    Register by MAR 1, 2023

While not a requirement to complete the Project Management Certificate, the Preparing for the PMP Exam course can be a complement to the certificate program or can be taken as a standalone.

PMP: Preparing for the PMP Exam (COMP 7330P)

This course gets you fully prepared to take and pass the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification exam. Undergo an intense review of the material covered in the PMP® examination and gain confidence in your knowledge. You will learn techniques for taking the exam and review all the ...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
  • MAR 9, 2023 - MAR 10, 2023
    Register by MAR 6, 2023

If you participated in the Project Management Certificate program prior to October 2020 and would like to continue, please send an email to Robin Finey at to determine remaining requirements for certificate completion.

  • ​​​​​​Project Management Introduction: Fundamentals of Successful Projects (COMP 6300P)
  • Project Management: Managing Risk and Procurements (COMP 6310P)

  • Project Management: Communicating Within Teams (COMP 6320P)

  • Project Management: Delivering Scope on Time and within Budget (The Triple Constraints) (COMP 6330P)

  • Project Management: Case Study Workshop (COMP 6340P)


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