Advanced SCRUM Workshop

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Advanced SCRUM Workshop

Course Description

This course defines the skills needed by an Agile coach and explores the essential skills needed to raise your level of expertise as a practicing ScrumMaster. These skills are core to the ScrumMaster role but are also needed by team members, product owners, and others who will be interacting with scrum teams. Mastering these skills ensures healthier team collaboration, facilitation, and communication between stakeholders, which also leads to higher quality products and services to the customer. Some of these skills will be introduced in this class and explored in more depth in the required homework. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have increased their skills for use in their daily work as well as be prepared to take preparatory courses for professional certification exams. 

Requirements & Materials


Provided (student will receive) 

  • Digital e-copy of textbook:  The Scrum Guide - NOV 2020 Ed 
  • Course syllabus notebook  

Session Details

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for product managers and project managers alike.  While there is a primary focus on information technology (IT) professionals & software developers, Agile practices also apply to many other industries such as military, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, supply chain logistics, automotive as well as any corporation seeking improved project agility.  

Female at white board adjusting process mapping sticky notes.

What You Will Learn

  • Deep dive into how to facilitate sprints & release planning  
  • Refinement of sprint backlog and product backlogs 
  • Facilitation methods and team decision-making for daily SCRUMs and stand-ups  
  • Effective approaches in prioritizing story points  
  • Empirical measurements, estimating and planning techniques  
Group of individuals in business setting in front of a board and reviewing sticky notes or a process map.

How You Will Benefit

  • Gain perspective of the ScrumMaster and/or product owner roles. 
  • Understand how to build product business cases and team charters. 
  • Understand how to remove blockers and facilitate decision-making.  
  • Gain mastery of SCRUM skillset under AGILE coach direction.  
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