Melissa McAvoy

Melissa McAvoy is a web developer and accessibility specialist for CATEA (Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access) with nearly a decade in the IT industry.  McAvaoy graduated with Honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology with dual degrees in Industrial Design and Management with a Certificate in Marketing.  She is the creator of numerous WCAG compliant web resources for CATEA, Georgia Tech and federal agencies. She is also the author of the online Universal Web Design Course for Georgia Tech's Distance Learning and Professional Education program.

Brent Laminack

Brent Laminack, a consultant and system administrator, has managed IT projects and administered UNIX environments since 1982.  Laminack has developed and taught courses for Georgia Tech's Professional Education program since 1990.  A Certified Information Systems Security Professional, he received his B.S. in Physics from Georgia Tech in 1979.

Herbert Baines

Herbert Baines III, is the Director of Information Security for the Office of Information Technology and the Operational Security Officer for the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC).  Baines has been in IT since 1978 and serves as a guest lecturer at Georgia Tech for College of Computing and Public Policy.  He is a Certified Information System Auditor and Certified Information Systems Security Professional with a B.S. in Information Systems.